Clear Cache and Cookies from Google Chrome

Very occasionally, weird things can happen with your browser.

Your browser has a "cache", which is the place where your browser 'remembers' little things to help speed up and improve your day-to-day online experience.

Sometimes, your browser might 'remember' something wrong, and as a result, things can go a little odd.

This can include HirePOS. A corrupt or otherwise incorrect element in your cache could be the cause of issues in your HirePOS experience.

If you are experiencing any particularly odd behaviour, and you have eliminated the possibility of conflicting browser extensions, it might be time to clear out your cookies and your cache, and see if it helps.

Quick Cache Clear
To quickly do this on a per page basis, hold CTRL whist clicking the refresh button in your browser. (Windows)

The worst side effect of doing this is slightly increased load times (very slightly) on your first visit to your usual websites after clearing out your cache. You will also be logged out of any websites you are currently logged into after doing this. That's not an issue, as it gives you a chance to try out your very secure, unique, and unguessable passwords.

To do a cache and cookie clear out, have a look at this doc from Google:

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