Senders Email Address

Senders Email Address

In HirePOS, Emails can be sent from one of a selection of email addresses:

  • The default
  • Your business email that you have entered in Setup > Business Details
  • Your user login email
  • Another email address of your choice. 

If you are not sending from the default HirePOS Messaging email, you must authenticate your domain to avoid spam issues.

Set your Business Email Address

To set up the default Business Email address, go to Setup > Business Details from the main menu strip at the top.  Enter your business email in the Email field then scroll down and click Save Changes. 

Selecting your Default "From" address

To edit the default From address for your emails, go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates/Settings. Click the Edit link next to the From Address field at the top. 

  • HirePOS - No configuration required and avoids spam issues
  • Main Business Email - Configuration required to avoid spam issues
  • Other Business Email - Configuration required to avoid spam issues

Outgoing emails will send via the From Address by default, however when sending individual emails you can also select the user login email address via the dropdown list in the From field when you send the email.

Authenticating your domain

The email domain is the part after the @ symbol. For example, in the case of "" the domain is ""

The domain needs to be authenticated to prove you are the organisation that owns the domain.  Not doing so will likely result in your emails being blocked by the recipient's spam filters.  HirePOS v5 provides the option to send from our default messaging email '' which is authenticated and avoids these issues.  If you prefer to send from your own business email, then you need to authenticate your domain.  HirePOS 'Administrator' users can go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates/Settings and click the Edit link next to the From Address.  You can then change your preferences for your primary sending email. 

Authenticate Your Domain with SendGrid

The alternative is to use the SendGrid SMTP Server and authenticate your domain name.  Click the Check Authentication button to verify your authentication status.  If the domain has not been submitted for authentication, then click the Authenticate Your Domain button.  You will be provided with three DNS records that you need to copy/paste and send to your tech person to add these records. You may need to wait 1 to 24 hours for your domain DNS setting to propogate (depending on your provider).  Come back into this preferences screen periodically and click the Check Authentication button to check if the domain is authenticated.  If it is still not authenticated after 24 hours then there may be an issue with the DNS records you have added to your domain server.  

Set up Your SMTP Server (Advanced)

For business emails, it is possible to use your own SMTP Server, although not recommended. This requires all the correct SMTP Server details to be set up. To do this; Enter your own SMTP Server details as you would with any email application via Setup > Preferences > Email Templates/Settings > SMTP Settings. Depending on your service provider, you may not be able to view any reports on bounces, blocks and spam, like the SendGrid service provides.

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