Menu Terminology - Update April 2021

As a part of our ongoing efforts to make HirePOS as intuitive and user friendly as it can be, we have made some slight alterations to some of the menu options. We have been careful not to move any of the options, so your muscle memory can still lead the way. Additionally, the function and layout of the pages the menu options direct to have not changed.

i.e Sales/Hire > Customer Overview will take you to the normal Sales>Sales page that you are familiar with.

Below is a list of terminology changes that have been rolled out thus far:

Old Name
Old Location
New Name


Main Menu > Sales



Main Menu > Sales > Sales

Customer Overview

Find Sales

Main Menu > Sales > Find Sales

Find Sales/Hire

Find Sales (by Item)

Main Menu > Sales > Find Sales (by Item)

Find Sales/Hire (by Item)

Find Sales (by Location)

Main Menu > Sales > Find Sales (by Location)

Find Sales/Hire (by Location)


Main Menu > Expenses


(remains Expenses for users of the Accounting/Bookkeeping module)

One of the main considerations in this change was the overlap of terminology around the name of the menu (sales) the customer overview page (sales) and the item type (sales).

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