Linking Items to Branches

This article assumes you've already enabled the branches module, and created your branches as per this help-doc.

Depending on if your Item is a Singular item (Qty for Hire = 1) or a Bulk item (Qty for Hire > 1) there is two different ways of assigning them to a branch, which is necessary with the branches module enabled to get accurate availability.

Singular items

  1. Edit the item, via Setup > Items screen.
  2. Select a branch via the Branch dropdown as below.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Bulk Items

  1. Edit the item, via Setup > Items screen.
  2. Next to the Qty For Hire field, click the Branch Quantities / Serial tracking button.
  3. Depending on if the Item is Serialised or not, this step can differ. See below.
See this help-doc for more information on Serial Tracking.

Bulk Items With no Serial Numbers

If you don't use serial numbers with this item, you only need to have a line for each branch, then specify the Qty at that branch. See below:

Bulk Items With Serial Numbers

If your item has serial numbers, you will need a line for each serial number and select the branch it is based at, as per the example below:

Sales Items (Consumables)

If your item isn't a Hire item and is instead a Sale item (Consumed or sold outright) you'll want to read this help-doc for more information>>

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