CRM AutoFollowups

This Help-Doc Assumes you are familiar with Email Templates and the CRM Module.

What is a CRM AutoFollowup?

This feature allows you to set criteria on your existing secondary email templates, so you can automate the sending of them.

You could set a Template to be automatically sent 7 days before the Date From date on Quotes specifically, so that any customer with active Quotes will receive that email 7 days before the date they were quoted.

or you could set up a simple "Thanks for Hireing from us!" message, 7 days after their return date.

Get creative!

How to Setup CRM AutoFollowups

  1. Go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates/Settings
  2. Click on Other Email Templates then select an existing template.
  3. At the bottom of the template, click on the CRM Followup Emails dropdown.
  4. Select which Record type you want the system to send this template to.
  5. Then Select a Days before or After and which Date Filter you want to use.
  6. Click Save Changes.
Record type: Bookings
Days before: 7
Date Filter: Date-From

In the Above Example, this email would be sent to any customers that have a Booking that has a Booked-From date 7 days from today.

Enabling Automation

After you've set-up some of your templates with Automation criteria as above, you can go to CRM > Auto-followups

By default, you'll see any emails that fit the criteria as of the current date and automation will be disabled.

You can also click the Followup Templates tab to look at an overview of all the activate Auto-follow-ups you've set.

We highly recommend you use this screen to send emails Manually for a while first, to make sure you've set your criteria as desired.

Once you are satified with your settings, you can click the Manual/Automatic toggle and turn on automation.

From that point onwards, HirePOS will use the criteria you've set to send your templates out automatically.

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