Minimum Meter Charge

This function is used to set minimum kms the customer will be charged for,

For example:

If the client takes a metered item out for only 20 units, and the “Minimum” is specified to be 50, they will get charged for 50 units regardless. 

How to set up minimum meter charges

  1. Go to Setup > Item related > Selling Units.
  2. Create New selling unit.
  3. Name it something that is relevant e.g. Kms, then go to the “Metered” tab and make sure the “Meter unit?” box is checked.
  4. Enter in a “Meter Minimum” value, this will be the minimum number of units charged by default.

How to add the charge to an Invoice

  1. You will need to go and create an item with the selling unit you just created and configure the unit price.
  2. After you’ve added this item to an invoice you can click on the “Meter Readings” link just above the invoice lines, and input the meter reading "From" and "To" values.
    This will auto populate the “Usage” field.
  3. Select in the dropdown which item line you wish to copy the usage to in the case of the Meter charge being on a seperate line, otherwise if your metered item is also using the Metered unit it will auto-fill this field with the same item.
  4. Click save changes, and it should autocalc based on the meter values.

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