New Deposit (Sales Income)

The bank deposits page allows you to merge multiple payments received into the built-in Till or Money Safe account that are paid by Cash or Cheque across to a Bank Account.

To create a new bank deposit

  1. Go to Banking > New Deposit (Sales Income).
  2. Select the Bank Account to merge the Cash/Cheque payments into.
  3. Check off the payments to merge.
  4. Enter a Reference for the deposit to make the deposit easily identifiable.
  5. You can click Continue Later if you need to navigate away from the page and come back later, or click Save & Complete to finish the deposit process. 

Once the deposit process is completed, the Cash/Cheque transactions are switched from the 'Till' or 'Money Safe' account to the specified Bank account.  The Cash/Cheque transactions then appear as one transaction in the bank reconciliation page.

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