Payment Terms

How to automatically calculate Invoice Due Date from Payment Terms

  1. Go to Setup > Preferences > Payment Terms
  2. Click the Setup Payment Terms link towards the top of the page.
  3. Select an existing Payment Term from the list or click New Payment Terms to add a new record.
  4. Set the Payment Due dropdown to Days After EOM or Days After Invoice Date.
  5. Enter the Balance Due Days.

How to set up a global default payment term for your business

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, select Setup > Preferences, then click the Sales option in the Preferences Menu.
  2. Select your default payment terms from the dropdown to the right of the Payment Terms field. 
  3. Click Save Changes. 

How to set up specific payment terms for a single customer

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, select Setup > Customers
  2. Search for a customer, then click the customer to edit.
    This will open the customer details page. 
  3. Click the Account / Payment Terms subheading.
  4. Enter the customer payment terms in the Payment Terms field.
  5. Click Save Changes.
If a payment term is set up against a particular customer then that payment term will take priority over any payment terms you have entered in Setup > Preferences.

For most businesses, setting up a global default term for cash customers, and then setting up specific payment terms for account customers is the best practise.

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