The Xero Exporter

Invoices, Payments, and Purchase Orders can each be exported from HirePOS to Xero.

Each record is transferred to Xero just as though you had entered these records directly into Xero and all invoice item lines are exported.

Note that bank feeds are also available in HirePOS if you prefer to receive all payments in HirePOS and then post or journal them into Xero.  
Please Note
The Xero Exporter is not 'automatic'. You need to select the records you need to move (in bulk, if desired) and tell HirePOS to export them. This prevents any half done, or poorly compiled records in one application inadvertently ending up in the other application.

Firstly, go to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's > Accounting Integration, and change the Accounting Software option to Xero.

Set up an application in Xero to get the Consumer Key/Secret Key:

  1. Open a web browser tab and navigate to
    You will be prompted to login if you are not already logged into Xero.
  2. Click the 'New app' button located at the top right of the Xero Developer page.
  3. In App name enter the application name as described in Setup > Preferences > Accounting/API's in HirePOS. Normally in the format of HirePOS (<your business name>).
  4. In Company or application URL box enter
  5. Leave the Privacy policy URL (optional) field empty.
  6. In OAuth 2.0 redirect URI enter
    Double Check
    A significant portion of issues that users encounter in these steps are from not completely copying certain bits of data (like the 'e' on the end of 'XeroAuthorize' for example). Be very sure to double check your work!
  7. Tick the Terms & Conditions box.
  8. Click the Create app button.
  9. After the app is created, navigate to the configuration section (second down on the left)
  10. Copy the Client id value and paste into the Client id box back in the HirePOS preferences page.
  11. Click the Generate secret button.
  12. Copy the Client secret value and paste into the Client secret box back in HirePOS preferences page.
  13. Press Save Changes.
  14. Navigate back to the Home Screen of HirePOS (by clicking the HirePOS logo on the top left of the screen)
  15. There will now be a Xero button available for use on the HirePOS home screen.

Connect HirePOS to Xero

  1. Click the Xero button on the main menu in HirePOS.
  2. This opens a Connect to Xero popup screen.  Click Connect, which will open a web browser window and ask you to log into Xero if you haven’t already done so. 
  3. You will then see a page asking if you want to allow the app to connect to Xero for 30 minutes. Click Allow and the final web page will confirm that you are authorised.  You will then be redirected the HirePOS v5 Web app.

However, at this stage you won't be able to export anything, because you have not set-up your Xero Account Codes

Match HirePOS Account Codes with Xero Account Codes

You can match account codes a few different ways, or use a combination of methods, which we'll detail below.

Note: Account codes must be a Revenue type account.

When exporting, HirePOS will use your account codes in this order:

1. Invoice category > 2. Item Income code > 3. Item Category > 4. Item type.

Via Invoice Category
You can setup an invoice category via this help-doc, then assign it a Xero code.
Via Item Income Code
Edit one of your items, via Setup > Items, then go to the Purchase/Disposal tab. At the bottom, there is a Income code field, enter in your Xero income code here.
Via Item Category
Go to Setup > Item Related > Item Categories then edit an existing category. Then add in your income code into the Xero Code field.
Via Item Type
Go to Setup > Item Related > Item Types then edit an existing Item Type. Then add your Income code into the Xero Code field.

Match HirePOS Tax Codes with Xero Tax Rates

  1. In Xero, go to Accounting > Advanced > Tax rates.
    Check the equivalent tax in Xero and take note of the Name column.
  2. In HirePOS, go to Setup > Tax Codes.
  3. Click a tax code to edit.
  4. In the Xero Tax (Income) field enter the Xero Tax Name, e.g. GST on Income

How to Export Invoices to Xero

  1. Click the Xero button on the main screen.  This will open a second tab in your browser.
  2. If you are not already signed into Xero you will be taken to the Xero login page to sign in.
  3. After signing in, ensure you have the correct company file selected if you have multiple companies, then click the 'Allow access for 30 minutes' button.
  4. There are 3 separate tabs for each export, i.e. Invoices, Payments, and Orders.
  5. Check off the records you wish to sync over, or select all, and then click the Export button.

Other Record Types

It's possible to Export and Import payments and export Purchase Orders as well.

We've got separate help docs on these below.

If you encounter any errors, check to see if your error is listed here before contacting us.
Most errors are easily


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