Mark As Pending (Re-export Invoices)

When exporting to third-party accounting systems like Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks, the Invoices are marked as completed, and are locked to avoid the Invoice being altered in HirePOS. Completed exports will show with a green background in the exporter.

You may face a scenario where you need to re-export an Invoice to the accounting system again. Maybe some significant changes need to made, and you find it easier to void the invoice in the accounting system and then re-export the invoice over again.

  1. In the exporter screen, check off the invoice that you would like to re-export.
  2. Click the Mark As Pending button located towards the top of the exporter screen.
This will reset the export status of both the contact and the invoice, and will allow you to re-export the invoice as though it had never been exported in the first place. It won't reset anything on the account software side, it will just reset on the HirePOS side so that HirePOS will remove the green completed status and allow you to export again.

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