I'm not Seeing an Option on the Menu Strip?

If you've enabled some modules in HirePOS, but you cannot see any options for it, please try the following:

1. Module not enabled

  1. Double check that you have the module enabled in Setup > Preferences > Modules. You must click Save changes or the change will not take effect.

2. No Matching email

  1. Go to Setup > Preferences > Users and check the account you are logged into. If it says No Matching email you will not be able to see enabled modules such as the Banking tab, even if you have the correct permissions.
    1. To resolve this, you will need to go into Setup > Staff and make sure you have a staff member set-up with the same email as your login.This will link your login to that staff-member and resolve the issue.
If you Cannot access Setup > Preferences > Users then you are not an admin user, and must get an admin user to do so.

3. Incorrect permissions

  1. If you are not an admin User, many modules require that you be given permission to access it via Setup > Preferences > Users. So you will need to ask your Administrator to do so.

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