Qty For Hire (Bulk vs Individual Items)

When setting up Hire Items in HirePOS, there are 2 distinct ways to track item quantity and availability, each with their pros and cons.

These are Single Items and Bulk Items. Following is a comparison table looking at the two approaches.

Single Items

Bulk Items

Always set up with a Quantity For Hire of 1

Set up with a Quantity For Hire of 2 or more

Often used for high value assets (often machinery) where meter readings, maintenance history and accure ROI is required

Often used for low value or high quantity assets where the availability of a specific individual asset is of low importance

Ability to record a large range of item specific information on a per-individual-item basis

Ability to distinguish serial number only on a per-individual-item basis only.

Detailed item tracking, know where each specific item is at any given time.

Basic Item availability tracking, have visibility only on how many are currently available or on hire

Slow to set up

Quick to set up

Individual invoice line required for each item to go on hire, even if they are virtually identical

Easily increase Qty/Items on the Sales Record screen to hire out more than one item.

Can record individual meter readings at time of hire and return.

Does not support individual item Meter Readings

Can lead to a large, high-maintenance inventory setup

Helps maintain a simple, small, and easy to manage inventory setup.

Supports Group Codes, allowing you to assign a specific item at the time of dispatch

Does not support Group Codes

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