Invoices can optionally be assumed as 'Draft' and marked as 'Approved' by an Admin user once they are checked over.  This avoids sending unapproved invoices out after end of month, and exporting them to a third party accounting system.

How to mark an invoice as approved

  1. In the sales record (invoice) screen, click the Options button drop-down located at the top-right.
    Note: If the Invoice is locked then you will need to first choose the 'Unlock' option to unlock the sales record.
  2. From the 'Options' button drop-down, click Approve
    The invoice will save and re-load in Approved mode, and you will notice an Approved checkbox towards the bottom of the Invoice screen to the right of the Comment (Internal) section.
    You can uncheck the Approved checkbox at any time to unapprove the Invoice and revert back to Draft mode.

Enforcing the Draft/Approved process

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Restrictions.
  2. Under the General Restrictions section at the top, check the Use Draft/Approved process for invoicing box.
  3. Click Save Changes towards the bottom right.

Draft/Approved in the Xero and MYOB Exporters

Enforcing the Draft/Approved process prevents Invoices being exported in the accounting export modules. As long as this setting isn't globally enforced in Setup > Preferences > Restrictions, you can uncheck the Export 'Approved' Invoices Only in the Options tab in the exporter to activate or deactivate this restriction.

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