Supplier Pricelists

Supplier Pricelists are ideal for keeping a 'lookup' list of supplier inventory that you have never previously kept in stock but potentially may order and add to your inventory pool in the future. 

It is also a handy way to be able to quote customers on "pie in the sky" orders, or prepare pro-forma invoices without having to leave the HirePOS app.

How to import supplier pricelists

For information on CSV imports in HirePOS, or for a guide on cleaning and preparing your data for import, please see CSV Imports & Preparing Data.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Items.
  2. Go to Options > Import Supplier Pricelist CSV, or go to the Supplier Pricelists tab and click the Import Supplier Pricelist CSV link.
  3. You can use an existing spreadsheet or import the CSV file provided into a new spreadsheet as a guide.
    You may use the following template as a guide when preparing your data from import: Supplier Pricelist CSV Template
  4. Browse for Supplier Pricelist CSV file on your computer.
  5. Click the Preview Data button.
  6. Select a Supplier from the dropdown.
  7. Ensure the relevant columns are matched.
  8. Click the Import Data button.
  9. You are taken back to the Items List screen where you can review the Supplier Pricelists tab.

This list can be used as a 'lookup'. Future updates will allow you to add items to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.

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