Pickup Address

We find that in a majority of cases, the pickup address is the same as the delivery address.

For this reason, HirePOS will assume that if no pickup address has been entered, it is going to be the same as the Delivery Address.

For hires that have a a pickup location different to the delivery location, you can specify a different pickup address right from the Sales Record (Quote/Booking/Invoice) screen.

Specify a Pickup Address that is Different from the Delivery Address

  1. Open the Sales Record in question
  2. Specify your delivery address as normal
  3. The following step has variation depending on what sales record layout you are using
    If you are using "Classic/Tablet" Invoice Layout
    Below the Delivery/Pickup pane, above the Hire dates section, click Pickup (if different), and then press Pickup Details.
    If you are using "New/Desktop" Layout
    In the top right pane, select the tab Pickup (if different), and press the blue edit button to open the pickup details popup.
  4. Enter your Pickup Details on the popup screen.
    1. Ensure you add at least a Customer/Name and an Address
    HirePOS checks that there is both a Customer/Name and Address Line 1 specified for pickups before it will use the information on this screen.

From here, your pickup details should appear on your pickup dockets, and on your pickup jobs on the Delivery/Pickup Schedule

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