Mobile Timesheets

This article assumes you are familiar with, and currently use, the Crew management module.

Timesheet details can be entered by staff via the Mobile Timesheets web app.

For a staff member to enter timesheet details on their mobile phone, they will click a unique link that you send to them via SMS.  Once they have the link there is no need to send them the link again.  They can either re-open the link from the original SMS or bookmark the link for future use. 

  1. Firstly, you must ensure the staff member has a PIN/Password, as this will be required to access the timesheets web app.  
    From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Staff, and click the staff member to edit.
  2. Enter a PIN or Password in the PIN/Password field.  
  3. Scroll towards the bottom then click 'Save Changes'.
  4. From the main menu strip at the top, go to HR > Calendar.
  5. Click the 'eye' icon button to the left of the Staff/Crew name.
  6. Click the 'SMS Agenda & Timesheet Entry link' button.
    This will open the SMS screen, with the unique Timesheeet URL link in the message.
    (Note: You can copy/paste the link to an email if you like, but sending via SMS is most convenient).

How to use the mobile timesheets web app

  1. Staff/Crew click on the URL link sent, which opens the app in their web browser.
  2. Staff/Crew enter their PIN/Password to proceed.
  3. Any jobs starting on the current day OR any jobs that do not have a Finish Date entered are shown.
  4. Staff/Crew click the red Timesheet Entry button to view and edit the timesheet entry details.
  5. Start Date, Finish Date, Break Minutes, and Notes can be entered, and staff/crew can sign at the bottom.  
  6. Click Save when done.
  7. When saving, the staff/crew may be prompted to allow their geolocation.  They must accept this, as a timesheet cannot be submitted without the geolocation coordinates.

Once the timesheet entry is completed (Finish Date populated), the completed timesheet details will appear in HR > Timesheets back in the main HirePOS v5 web app.

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