Recurring Invoices

Hire or Sales invoices can be set as Recurring invoices to repeat at regular intervals until the hire or subscription is discontinued.

How to set an invoice as recurring

  1. Open any existing Invoice or create a new Invoice as normal.
  2. Click the Options button towards the top right side of the page.
  3. Click "Set As Recurring".
    You are taken to the Recurring Invoice page.
  4. The Reference will default to the customer name (and customer Code if used).
  5. Change the Repeat dropdown to a different interval if required, the default is Monthly.
  6. Click Save New.

Note that if you are using a Monthly interval for example for a continuous hire, then the hire date range on the Invoice should also be set to a month duration.  Best practice is to set your hire start dates i.e. Booked From (and Hired From if hire has started) and set the Booked To date to the same day on the following month or alternatively click the "Time Span (Est)" field on the invoice and set to 1 Month.

How to set specific delivery dates

For recurring delivery jobs the delivery dates can be set to recur on every 2nd Tuesday of the month or 3rd Friday for example.  The delivery schedule is based on the 'Booked From' date, however a 'Delivery Date' can be specified in the Delivery/Pickup details popup on the invoice.  If a specific delivery date is selected on the invoice then an additional checkbox will show in the recurring invoice settings, e.g. 'Deliver 1st Wednesday of the Month'.  This setting is based on the Delivery Date that you selected on the invoice.  Checking this box will follow the rule and set the delivery dates accordingly as the recurring invoices are created.

How to create recurring invoices

Recurring Invoices are created manually via the Sales/Hire > Recurring Invoices screen, which allows a quick review of any due invoices in case corrections need to be made prior to creating the next set of recurring invoices.

This is based on Invoice date. So if you have an interval of 7 days, it will show as due to be created 7 days after the invoice date.
  1. From the main menu strip at the top, click Sales/Hire > Recurring Invoices towards the bottom of the menu dropdown list.
    You are taken to the Recurring Invoices page.
  2. Any recurring invoices due to be created are listed.  The last invoice date, number and hire dates are shown.
  3. Click the Create Invoices button to create the next invoices.  The checkboxes will convert to 'tick' icons once completed.
This will also close off the original invoices with a Rolled over date

How does the duplicating process work?

The invoice is duplicated using the same process as the "Create Duplicate" function found in the "Options" button at the top of the Invoice page.  It is the equivelant of using the "Move hire dates forward" option, and the Copy Comments, Copy Customer PO# and Rollover Invoice options are checked.  The "Invoice Date" is also moved forward the same interval. 

How to Discontinue a recurring invoice

  1. Edit any recurring invoice.
  2. Click the Options but at the top right of the invoice page.
  3. Click Edit Recurring Settings.
    This will open the Recurring Invoice (Edit) page.
  4. Check the Discontinue checkbox. 
  5. Click Save Changes.

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