How to see if customers have received your Emailed Invoices using {ViewButton}

By default, Emailed invoices in HirePOS will be flagged as sent.

But how do you know if the customer has received it?

HirePOS can do this for you, via the instructions below:

If you have not read the Email templates help doc here, you will need to read that first before proceeding.
  1. Go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates & Settings.
  2. Click Insert placeholder and select View button

The {ViewButton} placeholder will turn into a View Invoice or View Booking button when you actually send an email.

Using a template with the Viewbutton placeholder means that .PDF attachments will no longer be attached automatically.

Instead, the customer will be required to click on the View button, which then tells HirePOS that it's been Viewed in the Sales, and Find Sales screens.

Did you know that If properly Configured, the View Button can also be used to take electronic signatures and via Pin Payments take payments too?

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