Pin Payments (Setup)

How to set up your Pin Payments account

Setting Up Pin Payments, and Copying your API Keys

  1. To receive payments by card directly into HirePOS you can set up an account with Pin Payments at
  2. Log into your Pin Payments dashboard, then go to the Account tab towards the bottom left of the page.
  3. Under the Payment Tools section, click the API Keys link.
  4. In a separate tab or window, open HirePOS, and navigate to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other APIs > Pin Payments
  5. Copy your API Key (Publishable) from Pin Payments
  6. Paste your API Key into HirePOS
  7. Copy your API Secret from Pin Payments
  8. Paste your API Secret into HirePOS
  9. See next section, which covers what to do with the Bank Account Field.
  10. Press Save
Test / Live API Keys
There are both Test API Keys and Live API Keys. 
You can use the Test API Keys initially to see how the process works without actually receiving the card payment to your account.
However, it is important to note the payment record will still be created in HirePOS and will need to be removed.

Setting up a Clearing Account for Pin Payments

You will need to set up a "Clearing Account" for Pin Payments, to ensure that your payment records and other banking reports are useful and accurate.

  1. In HirePOS, Navigate to Setup > Bank Accounts.
  2. Create a new bank account called "Pin Payments"
  3. This step is only for users of HirePOS Premium, or those using the Accounting / Bookkeeping Module
    If you are using the full bookkeeping functionality of HirePOS you will need to set up a customer and supplier for Pin Payments so that you can create transfer transactions to move money from the clearing account to your business account. Create these, and assign then to the bank account as apart of this setup
  4. Press Save
  5. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other APIs > Pin Payments
  6. Set the Bank Account field to the Pin Payments account you just created.
  7. Any card payments (using Pin Payments) via the Booking/Invoices page will be received into this account.
One or the Other
It is highly recommended that you only use either the Payment Link (for on-charging fees) OR the API Key (for absorbing fees). Using both at the same time will result in the customer being able to pay using either method, and you getting unpredictable results.

On-charging fees

The HirePOS Pin Payments integration allows for 3 distinct methods of handling the fees associated with a Pin Payments transaction.

We see the vast majority of our customers electing to absorb the Pin Payments fees as a part of their service to their customers, and make full use of the features and automation offered by the Pin Payments API.

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