Import Item Prices CSV

This article assumes you have already read the CSV Imports & Preparing data help-doc.

You can use a CSV file to import prices into existing items on your HirePOS database. This can be to update existing prices, or to upload entirely fresh prices. But to do this, you need to format your spreadsheet in a certain way.

Spreadsheet format

As below, you should always:

  • Have your item Code in the first column
  • Have each Selling Unit be it's own column.
  • Your prices must be without currency symbols or commas, and rounded to two decimal places as below.
  • You can have any other columns you like between the first Code column and the Selling Unit columns, but it's best to hide the in between columns in the spreadsheet to keep it simple. The same spreadsheet that you used for importing Items can be used, so long as the Code is the very first column, and the Selling Units columns are appended as the last columns.
  • Make sure you've read through the CSV Imports & Preparing data help doc.









Importing Your Prices

When your spreadsheet is ready and saved as a CSV file, you can import your prices by:

  1. Going to Setup > Items screen.
  2. At the top right, click Options > Import Item Prices CSV.
  3. Click Browse for Item Prices CSV file... to locate your CSV file.
  4. Click the Preview Data button. This may take a moment to load the data.
  5. You'll be presented with the import preview, make sure you select if the prices are Inclusive or Exclusive and specify the Tax Code that will be used with these prices.
  6. Select the default Tax Code for these items.
  7. Match each column with the corresponding selling unit in HirePOS. If in doubt, you can review your selling units in Setup > Item Related > Selling units.
  8. Click the Import Data button located towards the bottom. You are prompted Yes/No to begin the import.
    The import may take some time, and you are redirected to the Items List screen on completion.

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