Timesheet entries are used to record staff start/finish times, which are then charged to particular jobs or flow on to the wagebook (payroll).

Shifts are used to categorise the type of work and pay the staff accordingly, e.g. Night shift, Weekend shift, etc.

How to set up shifts

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to HR > Shifts.
  2. Click the 'New Shift' button.
  3. Enter a name for the shift.
  4. Click the 'Save New' button. 

How to enter timesheets

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to HR > Timesheets.
  2. Click 'New Timesheet Entry'.
  3. Select the staff member.
  4. Enter the Shift if applicable, however not required.
  5. Enter Start/Finish times.
  6. Enter 'Break Minutes' for lunch break and other breaks for example.
    Note the 'Time Worked' is calculated automatically.
  7. The timesheet entry can be linked to a specific job by selecting the Customer, and then the Invoice.
  8. Enter any specific notes about the work completed.


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