Recommended Email Settings

To send emails reliably, recipients need to be assured that you are the genuine owner of the email address you are sending from (known as Sender Authentication). You also need to be sending from reliable and well managed infrastructure to ensure your emails are being sent fast and efficiently.

To best reduce the risk of your email being blocked or ending up in the recipients spam folder, we strongly recommend the following email setup configuration.

  1. In Setup > Preferences > Email Templates & Settings, ensure you have a Display Name entered. Use a display name that your customers can easily identify you by, for example we use HirePOS Hire Rental Software. DO NOT use an email address as the Display Name.
  2. Click the Edit button next to the From Address field.
  3. Ensure the first option HirePOS is selected, then click the Save Changes button. Email will now be sent from which has all the necessary authentication to let recipients know emails are being sent from a genuine source. The recipient will see the Display Name you entered in the previous step.
  4. After Saving Changes in the previous step, you are returned back to the Preferences screen. Click the Reply To link next to the From Address field, and enter your preferred Reply To email address into this field.
  5. Enter a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) email address in the BCC field so that you receive a copy of all outgoing emails sent from HirePOS. Click the Save Changes button towards the bottom.

Your emails will now be sent using reliable and well managed infrastructure (Microsoft Azure and SendGrid), rather than sending from a desktop email client that relies on your own software/hardware systems being up to scratch.

Important: Ensure that all of your email templates in the Other Templates section do not have your own email address manually entered into the From Address field. Sending from your own email domain is not necessary at all, and is not recommended. If you choose to send from your own domain, you must authenticate and verify your domain name as per the Senders Email Address doc.

SMTP Details
If you are using the recommended setup above, you must not have any additional SMTP settings present in the SMTP Details screen. Delete any data recorded there (when clearing these settings, will automatically add itself as your SMTP server)

SMTP Details

When setting up the recommended email settings above, ensure your SMTP Details screen appears as per the below image.

Testing the Spammyness of your Emails

The content of emails being sent also affect deliverability of emails. There are many factors that contribute to your spam score. Browse to the following website and send a test email from HirePOS to the email address provided on this site. Your email is tested and you will receive a spam score and suggestions for improvement.

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