Why are There Four Date Fields on Sales Records?

Hire works quite differently to conventional retail, as it it very dynamic and subject to change.

As such, HirePOS requires more than just an invoice date.

Booked From/To Dates:

Are an estimate of when you expect the items to be Dispatched and when you expect them to be returned.

Hired From/To Dates:

Whereas the Hired From/To dates are the actual dates that the items were dispatched, and were returned.

This also means that the Hired From/To dates once entered, will override the Booked To/From dates in terms of Autocalc and Availability.

If the Booked-To date is earlier than the current date, and the record has no Hired-From date, this will display an "Overdue booking" reminder on the main screen.

Likewise, if you've got a Hired-From date, and the Booked-To date has been exceeded, you will get a "Overdue return" reminder.

If you see an invoice in the overdue section, it's likely because the Booked-To date has been exceeded, and no hire dates have been entered.
Did you know that items can have specific dates, separate to the global record dates?
You can click the Show line details button to see these fields, which are useful for Partial returns and more!

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