Item Types

Item types are at the top level of the hierarchy for organising your items and they also dictate how your items will function.

  Your new database will generally include Hire, Sales and Misc as standard Item Types.

How to set up Item Types

  1. Go to Setup > Item Related > Item Types then click New Item Type to add new or click and item type in the list to edit.
  2. This opens the Item Types page.
  3. Enter a unique name for the item type.
  4. If the item type will be used for hire items then check the Hire Item checkbox.

Hire Checkbox

If the item type does not have the Hire checkbox ticked, it will be treated as a Consumable (Sales) item. i.e, sold outright and subtracted from stock.

Component Checkbox

The Component checkbox is a special function that will cause any items with this type that also have a $0.00 value to be hidden on the invoice, but still remain on the delivery and pickup dockets.  Commonly used with marquees, scaffolding and others as part of a Package.

Assigning Item types

The Item type is a required field when creating new items in Setup > Items and can be inputted via the Item type dropdown below the item description.

Type Indicator

In Setup > Items (list), the Type column will display one of the following type indicators.

H = Hire item.

S = Sales item.

N = Non-stock item.

X = Cross-hire item.

C = Customer Owned (If a customer is assigned to the item via the Maintenance tab).

A = Auto-add is turned on for this item.

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