Codes in HirePOS

Best practise for all code fields in HirePOS is to stick to letters and numbers. Avoid using symbols other than hyphens and underscores. (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _ -)

There are many "Code" fields in HirePOS, that are all used for different purposes.

This doc will cover the differences and best practices among the various code fields. 

Item Code

A internal 'Asset Number' or 'unique identifier for an item, and . Every item must have an item code and it must always be unique. They have a maximum of 15 Characters.

This will usually be a 5-8 character identifier for a physical asset (ex002, bin12, 1052 etc) so If you mark your assets with numbers, these numbers would be a good code to use.

In the case of non-stock or sales items, a short identifier (Lab, Del, CC Charge) will work and in all cases, a simple numeric progression for all your items will work just as well (1001, 1002, ..., 1598)

Supplier Code 

An optional code in the Stock Control tab of item setup, allows a max of 30 Characters.

Most frequently used to record the SKU or Part Number of items available from your supplier primarily used for sales inventory, but also effective with hire Items that you need to replace often by raising a purchase order (traffic cones or cables for example)


An optional code, found in the Stock Control tab of item setup, allows a max of 20 characters.

These are used to record the contents of the physical barcode on the item in question the code recorded here will be the first to be checked when you scan a barcode anywhere else in the system

You can create your own barcode numbering system, input the desired numbers here, and then print barcode labels

You can also scan in existing barcodes from your sales inventory

You can read the help-doc about barcodes here>>

Serial Number

Optional, 50 characters max.

This is an optional code, found on the main screen of the Item setup for singular items and allows a maximum of 50 character.

For singular hire assets, you can record their manufacturer-assigned serial number (often found on the compliance or spec plate of machines)

The serial number field is not applicable for bulk hire items (Qty greater than 1) or sales items.
Please refer to this help doc for more information.

Income Code

Optional, 15 characters max.

Used to override the chart of accounts code specified in the item types/category.

These codes are used when exporting invoices to an external accounting suite (such as Xero or MYOB)

Group Code

Optional, 15 characters max

After setting up your Group Masters (detailed here >>) you can apply an item to a group.

Items within the same group are seen as interchangeable (reasonably identical) in terms of price, purpose, and specifications.

Serial Tracking Number(s) 

Optional, 50 characters max

When working with bulk items (qty for hire greater than 1), you can record up to 3 serial numbers for each member of the bulk qty. This is greater for lower value assets that still need to be tracked as they are hired and returned. More info on serial tracking >>

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