Item Group Code

The item 'Group Code' field is for grouping multiple clones of the same hire item together when the items are set up as single hire items, i.e. Quantity For Hire is 1 (as opposed to using serial tracking for bulk items).  Grouping is particularly useful for 'Bookings' in advance and availability checks.  When booking in advance it is difficult to select exactly which Item Code or asset number will be hired on the day.  So when booking you have the option to select the Group Code and later nominate the specific Item Code when the item is dispatched for hire.

Take the example of fork lift machinery.  If there were 10 clones of exactly the same make/model of forklift, we would set the forklifts up as 10 X single items so that we can track the full details of each forklift, i.e. purchase price, hires and income, service and repair costs and so on.  Each forklift could have an Item Code as FL1, FL2, FL3.... FL10.  However we can give all of these forklifts the same 'Group Code' of FL.

How to set up Group Codes

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Items.
  2. Click the "Options" button dropdown at the top right of the Items List screen,
    then click "Item Grouping". 
  3. Select an Item Category to filter down the list.
  4. In the "Group Code" column, enter a common group code for groups of the same item.
    Ideally a common Group Code as descibed previously above.
    The code must be unique to that group of items.
    Note: You can also enter the Group Code in the individual item details screen.

Selecting a Group Code in a Booking

When selecting an item via the item Code column in the Booking/Invoice screen, click the 'Show Grouped' link in the items dropdown.  In the above example, you would only see 1 row with the FL Group Code rather than 10 rows with the individual Item Codes.  A Group Code will show in the Code column as red font rather than black, indicating it is not an individual item Code selected.

Note that when the Booking goes 'On Hire' i.e. the 'Hired From' field is populated, when you attempt to save the Booking you are taken to another screen to select the specific Item Code that has been dispatched for hire.

Checking availability of grouped items

In the above scenario the 'Check Availability' link can be clicked from the items dropdown so long as the booking dates have been entered.  This will list all the individual items and their availability.

Using the 'Availability' screen (via the Availability button on the main screen or via Sales > Availability) you can click the 'Grouped' option on the 'Itemised/Grouped' toggle button which appears to the right of the Category.  This will list a one liner for the item group with a total quantity for hire, and will show the quantity hired or available in the calendar.


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