• Use Draft/Approved process for invoicing
    When checked, only invoices marked as 'Approved' can be exported to third party accounting systems.  Mark an invoice as approved via the "Options" button in the invoice editing screen.

  • Branch required for invoices
    Only available when the "Branches" module is activated.  Refer to the following help doc for further details on the Branches module. 
  • Invoice category required for invoices
    Sales records (Quotes, Bookings, Invoices) cannot be saved unless an Invoice Category is selected.
  • Don't default staff
    Prevents staff from defaulting on new invoices.
  • Maximum Invoice No. allowed
    Sets the highest invoice number that can be saved.  New invoice numbers are incremented based on highest invoice number in the system that is less than the maximum number. 

  • Lock transactions prior to this date
    Prevents invoices dated prior to this date from being edited unless they are unlocked by the administrator.

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