Multiple Branch/Store Setup Considerations

For organisations with multiple branches/stores, there are several considerations to make when setting up HirePOS.

You can separate the branches/stores into individual databases, or you can activate the Branches Module and separate the branches within one single database across the organisation.

  1. Are all branches under the same ABN (or NZ GST) number, or is there more than one company number?
    1. Same Company Number
      One HirePOS database can be used, in conjunction with the Branches Module to separate branch information within the company.
    2. Multiple Company Numbers
      Separate HirePOS databases should be used for each ABN (or NZ GST) number.
  2. Do you need to track stock levels at each branch (as well as across all branches)?
    1. Branch stock levels required
      If using one single database for the whole organisation then the Branch Module needs to be activated.
      Separate databases will naturally track their own stock levels. You can use Purchase Orders and Invoices to record movements of stock from one branch to the other if this only occurs from time to time. If there are frequent stock movements between branches then one database with one company number would be a much more efficient setup.
    2. Organisation wide stock levels only
      No branch module necessary. Stock levels are tracked on a per database basis.
      Note that if you are using multiple databases then you will not be able to view stock levels or view sales reports or any other data at the macro level across all of your databases.

Customer Invoice Templates

When using the Branches Module, the standard template will display the address, phone, email for the relevant branch that is selected against the Invoice. The ABN (or NZ GST) number for that particular database will be displayed, i.e. multiple company numbers are not used within the same database.

Banking Details

Banking details from Setup > Business Details are used by default. If your branches have separate bank accounts then your Tax Invoice template will need to be modified to pull the banking details from the branch setup.

If you are issuing statements to customers, you need to make considerations as per below, as Customer Statements are database wide.

Customer Statement Templates

Keep in mind when using the Branches module that any given customer could hire or purchase from any of your branches, and therefore the Customer Statements for each database cannot be branch specific and need to apply to the whole database.

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