The Cart

HirePOS comes equipped with a background tool called the "Cart".

The cart is used to hold items as you move between screens, ultimately ending at a Quote, Booking, or Invoice, where you will empty the cart contents into the sales record.

Getting items into the cart

You can populate the cart with items from one of several places:

  • Items/Prices
  • Availability
  • Maintenance

The Items/Prices Screen

This can be accessed via the "Items / Prices" button on the main screen

Simply search for the item by name or category, make your selection based on stock and price, and press the cart button to add to cart.

The Availability Screen

This can be accessed via the "Availability" button on the main screen, or via Sales > Availability

Again, using the filters available, find the item that you wish to book, press the cart button and add it to cart.

Note: Should your item have a Qty for Hire of more than 1, you will be shown a pop-up asking you to define how many of the items you would like to put in your cart. 

Branches Module
For users of the Branches Module, this is a very useful way to make sure you are maximising local stock before considering a branch transfer.

The Maintenance Record Screen

If the maintenance module is active in your subscription, this can be found via Maintenance > Maintenance Records.

The cart will allow you to gather all the cost items on a maintenance job, and copy them to an invoice to charge a client for the works. 

What's in my Cart?

When you have items in your cart, a number will be shown next to the cart icon in your main menu bar.

To view the contents of your cart, simply click the cart icon.

You will be taken to a list of your cart contents, images included. You will also be given the option to empty your cart from this screen.

Adding Cart Contents to an Invoice

There are 2 ways to add items from your cart to a quote, invoice, or other sales record:

  • Add entire cart at time of creation.
  • Add some or all cart items to an existing record.

Add Entire Cart at Time of Creation

To do this, simply visit the Sales > Sales screen with some items in your cart, find or create the desired customer, and before starting the new quote or invoice, select "Add Cart" and "Empty Cart After Adding" if desired.

Add Cart Items to an Existing Record

To do this:

  1. Find or create a quote, booking, or invoice
  2. Select the grey square to the left of an empty row on the invoice.
  3. Select "Add from Cart"
  4. De-select any items you do NOT wish to add
  5. Press "Add Cart" or "Add Cart / Empty" if you wish to empty the cart.

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