Pin Payments (Overview)

HirePOS is fully integrated with Pin Payments, our preferred card payment provider. Pin Payments gives you a flexible platform for accepting card payments from your customers.

At the time of writing, Pin Payments offers a very competitive fee of 1.75% on money received and refunded, and no charge on pre-auths if released back to the customer.

In addition, the Pin Payments integration with HirePOS creates the payment record in the system for you, and you can be sure you will get the money once it has been charged. This means no need to do time consuming payment-by-payment record entry and bank reconciliations, and no more waiting for 2 or 3 days for a bank transfer to clear just to see if the customer even made the payment to start with.

Please see the following video for an overview of Pin Payments

Refer to the following articles on Pin Payments and HirePOS.

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Pin Payments (Setup)

Set up your Pin Payments account and link HirePOS to Pin Payments.

Pin Payments (Receive Payment via Email or in Person)

Send an email that includes a View Invoice button to launch a web page and allow customers to View, Sign, or Pay Invoices (or Bookings).

Pin Payments (Store Customer/Card Details)

Record card details against customers for future payments or for processing pre-authorisations.

Store Customer Card

Store a customer's credit card in a secure PCI compliant manner, and recharge the card as required for ongoing hires of security purposes.

Pin Payments (Process Pre-Auth)

Allocate card funds to bonds and later capture the card payment if required should the bond need to be charged. Note that pre-authorisations do not incur any fees unless they are captured.

Pin Payments (Void Pre-Auth)

Void pre-authorisations in the event the bond does not need to be charged. Note that pre-authorisations expire after 5 days in any case.

Pin Payments (Capture Pre-Auth)

Capture pre-authorisations and charge the pre-authorised amount to the card in the case where the bond needs to be charged.

Pin Payments (Refund Payments)

Refund a payment back to a customer up to the amount of the original payment.

Pin Payments (Bank Feeds / Get Charges)

Use the bank feeds feature to reconcile charges and transfers to your bank account.

Pin Payments (On-Charging Fees to Customers)

Passing the Pin-Payments Surcharge onto your customers.

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