Pin Payments (On-Charging Fees with Payment Link)

The HirePOS Pin Payments integration allows for 2 distinct methods of handling the fees associated with a Pin Payments transaction.

Whilst we see most of our customers electing to absorb the fees, and make use of the API, there are select cases where on-charging the fees is a requirement. If you wish to on-charge the fees, keep reading.

To on-charge your pin-payments fees, you will need to log into your Pin Payments account and change some settings. You will also need to adjust your setup in HirePOS.

On-Charging Pin Payments Fees to the Customer

Setting up Pin Payments

  1. Log into your Pin Payments account at
  2. In the menu tabs on the left side of the screen, click Account.
  3. Click on the Payment page option in the centre of the screen in blue.
  4. Enable Surcharging via the Enable radial button.
  5. Copy the Link provided.
  1. In HirePOS, go to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's > Pin Payments
  2. Paste the Link you copied into the Payment Link field.
  3. It is highly recommended that you remove any API keys or API secrets from this page (if present)
  4. Press Save
One or the Other
It is highly recommended that you only use either the Payment Link (for on-charging fees) OR the API Key (for absorbing fees). Using both at the same time will result in the customer being able to pay using either method, and you getting unpredictable results.
  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates/Settings.
  2. Use the Insert Placeholder drop down to the right of the Default Email Message box.
  3. Select the Payment Link option.
    This will insert the text {PaymentLink} into the Default Email Message box.
    By default, when emailing, the placeholder is automatically replaced with the Pin Payment link, and the invoice number and balance due are passed as parameters which will automatically populate these fields in the Pin Payments web page.

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