General Reminders

Most activities within the system will automatically show as a reminder on the reminders list on the main page where applicable, e.g. upcoming bookings, overdue returns, overdue expenses, maintenance, etc.  General Reminders gives you the flexibility to manually set a reminder for anything you like.  They are often used for CRM activities, i.e. reminder to call a customer on a particular day.

How to add a general reminder

There are two methods for adding a general reminder.  Either click the + New Reminder link at the top right of the main page, or from the main menu strip at the top, go to CRM > General Reminders to open the General Reminders List then click the + New Reminder button.  The reminder will be saved in 'Pending' mode by default, and will show on the reminders list on the main page.  Check the 'Done' box once the reminder is completed.  General Reminders can be linked to Customers, Contacts, and Invoices.  They can also be included in the Delivery/Pickup Schedule. 

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