Report Templates & Settings

This article includes features relevant to HirePOS Admin users only (not General users)

If you have a custom report template, you may wish to rename it inside HirePOS to make it easy to identify and use. You can do this via Setup > Preferences > Report Templates & Settings.

Changing the placeholder values in this area will alter how the reports are named throughout the software, specifically in the "Preview" area of the Sales Record Screen (Quotes/Bookings/Invoices)

Before editing any of the below, be sure to check the current name of the template you are about to edit, to be sure you don't get them confused.

Check which report you want to rename

You may have been told by your HirePOS representative what the report name for your report is already, in which case, proceed to the next step. If you are unsure of which report name to edit, follow along.

  1. Open an existing invoice via Sales > Sales, the Reminders Screen, or otherwise
  2. Press Preview
  3. Click Templates in the top right corner of the screen
  4. Observe the options in this menu.
  5. Progressively select each template until you find the one you wish to rename. Most often, this is "Tax Invoice (2)"
  6. When you know what you want to do, navigate back to Setup > Preferences > Report Templates & Settings.

Report Templates & Settings

On this page, you can access a version of the report designer, rename your custom templates in HirePOS, and alter some version and behavioral settings for the report viewer in HirePOS.

Report Designer

This button will launch a slightly simplified version of the reports designer. It is still quite a full-on tool for the vast majority of users, but is made available for users who wish to side-step development charges and take their custom templates into their own hands. For information on how to get started using this, read This Article and then get in touch with us to get a copy of a starter template.

Custom Template Names

This section allows you to rename any custom templates you currently have installed on your HirePOS subscription.

  • Tax Invoice (2/3): These are typically the custom templates used to generate your Quote/Booking/Invoice type paperwork
  • Delivery Docket (2/3): These templates are used to generate paperwork concerned with items and job information, but not price or anything currency related. (often used for prep sheets or pull slips)
  • Custom Template (2/3): Used in the rarest of cases, where the customer has a large amount of custom templates, or one that does not fit in the other areas.

Reports Version (Advanced)

As we update our report handler, we often introduce newer versions as an "opt in" to help migrate users over to the newer features, or will leave an older version available to allow users with older templates to continue to use them without interruption. Typically, you can run the latest version without issue, and should not need to change this setting unless advised to do so by a HirePOS representative.

Reports Print Destination (Advanced)

This setting allows you to toggle between 2 report viewer modes, which have a significant impact on the display of certain templates. If you are experiencing image quality or alignment issues within your template, you may alter this setting to see if there is any improvement.

  • PDF will often improve the alignment and scale of complex templates with many elements, but can lead to reduced image quality.
  • Direct will significantly improve image quality for detailed images and logos, but can cause some alignment and spacing issues with certain templates.

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