Units Accounting Export

Activate the Units module

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's.
  2. Click the Accounting Integration menu option.
  3. In Preferences (Accounting Integration), change the option to Units.
  4. The Access Key and Database Id need to be configured on your database by HirePOS support. Once these settings are configured they should never have to be changed again, and are therefore 'read-only'.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Setup Account Codes

Account Codes are exported to the {Code} API field at the Invoice Line level for Units. The Account Codes are dynamically constructed from HirePOS based on the Branch Code in Setup > Branches, the Account Code in Setup > Item Related > Item Types, and the Selling Unit used on the Invoice.

Example Account Code: 1-H-1605-0
1 = Branches > Branch Code
H = Selling Unit (W for wet and H for dry and all other Selling Units). This is currently hard-coded in the exporter, however a future update will allow for the W or H code to be entered in the Selling Unit setup in HirePOS.
1605 = Item Type > Account Code.
0 = Static and will not change.

Setup Branches > Branch Code

This is the first component of the Account Code that will be constructed when exporting Invoices.

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Branches.
  2. Click a branch to edit.
  3. Enter a number in the Branch Code field.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Setup Item Type > Account Code

This refers to the 1605 part in the example given above.

Note that if you set up an Account Code against an Item Category then that code will take priority over the Item Type. It is also possible to set up an Account Code against a specific item, which will take priority over both the Item Type and the Item Category. You would normally only set up the Account Code against the Item Type.

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Item Related > Item Types.
  2. Note the last column Account Code in the Item Types List, and click an Item Type to edit.
  3. Enter a relevant account code in the Account Code field.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Export Invoices

  1. From the main screen in HirePOS, or from the Sales/Hire menu at the top, click the Units option.
    The Units Export module will open in a new browser.
  2. Select the relevant date range from the top. The date filters are based on Invoice Date.
  3. Check the box in the first row header to select ALL Invoices, OR individually select Invoices as needed.
  4. Click the Units Transfer button to export the Invoices to Units.
    On a successful export, the lines will change to a green background, and will show a tick icon in the Exported column.
    If there are any errors, they will be displayed with a red background.
  5. Once you have completed exporting, click the User icon located at the top right in the dark menu strip, and log out the user from the exporter. This will not log you out of the core HirePOS app, it will just log you out of the Units exporter.
Note that you cannot export the same Invoice Number twice. Invoices should not be exported until they are either Rolled or Returned, and finalised.

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