SMS Templates

Just like sending emails, HirePOS can intelligently write the body of an SMS message for you based on where you are sending from. 

For example, you can setup HirePOS to easily send your customers a "Please review and sign your quote" SMS that will give a basic explanation, and provide them with a link to action their quote with. We will use this example to describe the options and settings that follow. 

Setting up an SMS Template

To do this, you will require administrative privileges.

Navigate to Setup > Preferences > SMS Templates.

This following screen may be empty in the case of a new database. Otherwise, you will see a list of all existing SMS templates in the system.

To create a new SMS Template, press "New SMS Template"

The "New SMS Template" Page

  • Give your template a simple but descriptive name, such as "Quote", "Get Signature", or "Invoice".
    • For this example, we are going to use Quote.
  • Add a "Message", keeping in mind that every 153 characters count as one "SMS" message.
    • You can use a combination of {placeholders} and normal text to build your message.
    • All available placeholders can be found in the "Insert Placeholder" menu just above the message panel.
    • For this example, the message is going to look like:
      Hi {FirstName}. Your {Type} #{InvoiceNo} for ${TotalAmount} is available for review/approval. Your estimated dates are {DateFrom} to the {DateTo}. View your {Type} at {QuoteAcceptanceLink}
    • This will produce a result like:
      "Hi John. Your Quote #1234 for $100.50 is available for review/approval. Your estimated dates are 12/02/2021 to the 13/3/2021. View your Quote at http://urllinktoquote..."
  • Press "Save New"

Testing the New Template

Note: To successfully send an SMS, you must have already set up your SMS settings and account in Setup > Preferences > SMS Settings. Please see the related help article Here.

Keep in mind a line break (Enter) and the # symbol do no work currently. with SMS templates.

Create the Test Quote

  1. Navigate to Sales > Sales
  2. If you don't have one set up already, create a "customer" for yourself, using your own mobile number
  3. Create a quote for yourself, being sure to populate all of the fields you have used placeholders for in the SMS.
  4. Select "Save and Continue" from the dropdown next to the "Save" button.
  5. Just above the Booking / Hire dates, there is a series of tabs, one of them being CRM. Click CRM
  6. Then, select SMS

The SMS Screen

  1. The customer will be pre-filled for you, along with the Mobile Number (as long as this has been entered as a "mobile number" in your customer setup)
  2. Select the desired template from the dropdown list
  3. Check that you are satisfied with the message content
  4. Press "Send SMS"
  5. The SMS will shortly arrive at the specified destination

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