Till Count

HirePOS provides a quick and easy till count/till cashup tool to help you quickly count out your till at the end of the day, and restore the float.

This feature is designed primarily to identify any human error that has occured in the payment receival process, and has no direct bearing on your payments reports.

This feature is only currently available in the desktop version of HirePOS V5. It is not accessible from mobile phones or Tablets.

Till Count Overview

You can access the Till Count screen from the Home Screen (Reminders Screen) of HirePOS.

Simply press the Till Count button towards the bottom of the quick link buttons on the left hand side of the screen.

Once inside, you will see an area allowing you to select the time and date that you are performing the till count, an area to count in your notes and coins, and a section off to the right for totals and adjustments.

There are also options below to review Recent Till Cashups and generate todays Daily Takings Report

Make sure your payments are paid into the Default Till account, if you intend on using the Till count!
This screen won't look at other accounts.

Performing a Till Count

To perform a till count (normally an end of day task), simply:

  1. Open the Till Count page from the Reminders Screen
  2. Input a quantity for each denomination present in your till
  3. Check that your Opening Balance (Till Float) is correct
  4. Observe any variance in the Total Till Takings field in the bottom right corner of the screen
    1. Make any corrections if required
  5. Press Save & Complete to finish the cashup
  6. If you are using the HirePOS Accounting and Bookkeeping Module (HirePOS Premium)
    Proceed to make a Cash Deposit or Account Transfer to move the money from the till to a bank or safe.

Till Count FAQs

What if I have a variance?
A variance can mean one of 3 things:
- You have miscounted
- The till actually has more/less money in it than it should
- There is/are incorrect payment record(s) in the system for the day (usually with the wrong Method or Account selected)
- The Opening Balance (Till Float) is not correct.
What if I miss a day?
Don't worry, just proceed as normal the next day. The till count is just a double check tool. Do everything else in your power to make sure that the payment records in the system and the cash taken match for the missed day. Till counts have no effect on your Profit/Loss reports or your Payments reports.
Why can't I change the Date From?
The till count tool is designed for counting up the till usage for the current day. There is no advantage in attempting to record past till counts, as they have no effect of your reports as far as taxation and accounting go.
How can I see my previous daily takings reports?
In the Till Count screen, you may click the Daily Takings button at the bottom to view the current day. For a boarder date range, you can use the Daily Takings report, which you can find in Reports > Payments > Daily Takings

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