Extensions in Google Chrome

Google Chrome (and many other web browsers) allow you to install a huge range of very handy extensions to speed up and improve your online experience.

However, not all extensions play nice with all websites and apps.

There are a few extensions that are known to cause issues in HirePOS, and will need to be disabled should they cause any issues in HirePOS. If you are experiencing difficulties logging on, viewing reports, or working with data input, extensions might be the culprit.

Ad Blockers

A huge array of Ad Blockers are available for Chrome and other browsers, including AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, AdLock and many more. These are notorious for getting in the way of the report viewer of HirePOS, and interfering with the "Sign in with Google" process at the log-in screen.

You don't usually need to remove these extensions, as many will allow you to 'whitelist' or 'allow' certain websites to run without being affected.

Whitelisting a site is usually as simple as clicking the extension icon in the top right hand corner of your browser whilst in the HirePOS app, and selecting "whitelist this site" (or similar). Review the documentation

Anti-Virus Extensions

AntiVirus software is often at the top of the list for creating issues in the online experience. It is important to have this software on your computer, of course, but the browser extensions that come with it are notorious for causing issues.

If you are lucky enough to have an antivirus extension that will allow you to disable it for only specific sites, you may be able to simply prevent it from running on 'app.hirepos.com'.

If you do not have the facility to prevent the extension from running specifically on the HirePOS app, you will need to disable the extension entirely when using HirePOS.


Although both uncommon and minor, Grammarly can occasionally misbehave in the HirePOS app. If you are having issues with data input or effectively correcting spelling mistakes, consider disabling the Grammarly Extension for the HirePOS app, allowing Google Chrome spellcheck to take over inside the app.

To do this, simply click the Grammarly extension icon in the top right of your browser, and turn off the setting "Check for writing suggestions on app.hirepos.com"

Diagnosing Extension Issues

There are many others not on this list. If you are experiencing ongoing issues, consider disabling All of your extensions, restarting your browser/computer, and checking to see if the issue has gone away. If it has, systematically start reactivating your extensions until the problem reoccurs.

Report an Incompatible Extension
We would be very grateful if you could let us know about any extension-related issues you have encountered that are not listed here. Let us know at hirepos@hirepos.com.au or use the contact button at the top of this page.

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