HirePOS Address Search (Beta)

The HirePOS address search module allows you to enter partial address information in any address field across the app, and receive intelligent suggestions to complete the form you are working on.

For example, you may need to add a delivery address for the following location:

GMGBA Stadium, 370 Moorabool St, South Geelong, Victoria 3220

Entering all of this information is time consuming, and is prone to human error.

As an alternative, HirePOS address search will let you simply search for 370 Moorabool in any Address field, and will fill out the rest for you.

To activate HirePOS Address Search, all you need to do is navigate to Setup > Preferences > Modules and enable Address Search

Address search works in the various address fields around the HirePOS app.

The following example looks at using Address Search when adding a new customer.

  1. Navigate to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview
  2. Press New Customer
  3. Enter a Company Name, or First Name and Last Name
  4. Move to the Address 1 section, and start to type in a street address
    for example '21 high'
  5. The suggested results will be based on a radius around your current location. The above example would likely return several instances of '21 High St' in your surrounding suburbs.
  6. Select the desired address, and HirePOS will fill out the Address, City, Postcode and State (if applicable) on your behalf.
  7. Press Save
HirePOS Address Search supersedes the now discontinued Google Places API Integration

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