Tax Codes

Tax Codes let HirePOS know how to handle GST on Invoices in relation to your items.

For example, whilst most goods and services attract a 10% tax (15% in New Zealand), there are exceptions such as certain foods, and medical goods.

Items that attract a Tax will typically be assigned the GST code

Items that do not attract a Tax will typically be assigned the FRE code.

"My business is not yet registered for GST"

If you are Not GST registered, you can make use of the FRE code for all of your items when you are setting up the system.

Be sure to also set your business as Not GST Registered in Setup > Business Details

Editing/Creating Tax Codes

If you have tax codes other than the default, you may need to manually create or edit your tax codes.

To do this, go to Setup > Tax Codes, and review the tax codes and tax rates.  Click a tax code to edit.  Change the Tax Rate accordingly.

You can also set your default tax code by checking the Default Tax Code checkbox in the Tax Code details screen when editing a Tax Code.

Including / Excluding GST
For information of toggling between subtotalling modes, and setting a system default, please see the following article: Including / Excluding GST

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