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You can quickly add in Unscheduled tasks (no date/time specified, complete when able to) via the Tasks panel. Unscheduled tasks are simply marked as completed when done.

The Tasks panel allows tasks to be quickly and conveniently added while you're in the middle of a Booking, for example. They are intended to be used for your own personal tasks, however you do have the ability to temporarily switch the view between your own tasks and all users tasks by clicking the single or multiple user icon located to the right of the To Do panel header.

You can also add in Scheduled Tasks (date/time specified) via the HR > Calendar or Tasks screens. These screens provide much more detail and allow for scheduled tasks (date/time specific), task priority, shifts, estimated hours, notes, and more. The Tasks Panel is only for quick notes while you're in the middle of a job. You can always refine the tasks and add more detail via the HR > Tasks screen at a later time if you wish.

Add an Unscheduled Task

  1. From the main menu bar at the top, click the Tasks icon, which is located to the left of the (?) Help icon.
    A Tasks panel will pop open to the right.
  2. Enter a short description for the new task.
    The task will now appear in the To Do section.

Completing a task is as simple as checking the box to the left of the task description.

All completed tasks are listed in the Completed section, and can be reverted back to uncompleted by clicking the box to the left of the task description, which will move the task back to the To Do section.

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