Online Store Branch Selector

If you are using the branches module and the online store, the online store can be set up to allow your customers to selected there ‘preferred’ branch. The customer’s selection will be carried through to the HirePOS booking.

Setting up the HirePOS branches

  1. Navigate to Setup > Branches.
  2. Ensure all relevant branches have been added to your branch list
  3. Assign a Branch Code and a State to all branches that you want the customer to be able to select from in the online store
    All Branch Codes must be unique when using with the online store. Failing to ensure your branch codes are unique may result in the wrong branch being selected on your booking/invoice.
  4. Save your changes
It is required that all "Online Store" branches have a Branch Code and a State assigned

Enabling the Branch Selector in the Online Store

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Online Store > Checkout
  2. Enable Branch/Store Selector
  3. Save your changes
  4. Observe the new option working on the online store
    1. Navigate to your online store from a customers perspective
    2. Select an item and add it to your cart
    3. Proceed to cart/checkout and observe the new branch selector in effect
    4. Select your desired state, and then the desired branch
    5. Complete the online booking process and return to the HirePOS app
    6. Navigate to Sales > Online Store or select Online Store from the main screen
    7. Observe the branch information now available during booking acceptance
    8. Accept the booking, and navigate to the sales screen to observe the branch having been pre-selected for you on the booking (sales record)

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