Custom Forms

Custom Forms is a versatile feature that allows you to create a custom data entry form in the case where the standard HirePOS fields do not cover your requirements.

Setup a Custom Form Template

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Form Templates.
  2. Click an existing template to edit, or click New Template.
  3. There are three columns to set for a Custom Form: Type, Label and Placeholder
    Example Form Setup:
    The following example assumes an 'event' or 'wedding' use case.
  4. To add a new field, you can click one of the Field Type buttons at the bottom.
    Field Types Explained
    Text: This is a 'short text' field, that is suitable for a name, or text of a similar length.
    Notes: This is a 'long text' field, that is suitable for descriptions, and general comments.
    Date: This field comes with a calendar date picker, and only holds 'date' information
    Like the Date field, this comes with a picker, but supports both time and date.
    This field only allows numeric values, like a phone number, or a quantity of something.
  5. You can also drag/drop the fields up and down to change the field order, using the handle icon to the left of the rows.
  6. When you are happy with your new form template, Press Save.

Use Your Custom Form on the Invoice Screen

Once you’ve created a form template as above, you can use the form as follows:

  1. Open a Sales Record.
  2. Go to the Custom Fields tab.
  3. Click Custom Form.
  4. Select the Template you wish to use.
  5. This will cause the screen to automatically open up the form template ready for data entry.
    In future, this feature will be expanded with more field types, preferences and screens.

Custom Form Data in Report Templates

Report templates such as the Tax Invoice and Delivery Docket templates can be customised to display the custom form data. The data can only be displayed together in a group, with one line for each field label and value (if you need to seperate your data elements on your templates, Custom Fields might be more suitable for your needs).

Contact us today at to enquire about getting this data field placed on your custom report template.

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