Quote Acceptance

Accepting a Quote in HirePOS requires the Mode to be changed from a Quote to a Booking or Invoice as shown below (the Mode dropdown is in a different location on the screen depending on which layout you are using).

You can also change a Quote to a Reservation to allocate the inventory and avoid the stock being booked out by other customers. This can be used if the Quote is warm and likely to go ahead. The job is not considered Confirmed until it is switched to a Booking or Invoice.

Accepting Quotes via Email

Quotes can also be accepted by the customer using a {QuoteAcceptanceLink} placeholder in an email template.

This section assumes you know how to create Email templates already.

If you haven't done so already, you will need to read the Email templates help doc then go to Setup > Preferences > Email templates & Settings to create an email template for Quote acceptance.

The most important thing here, is to make sure you've added in the {QuoteAcceptanceLink} placeholder via the Insert placeholders button.

This placeholder will turn into a button when emailed, which will link to a preview of the Quote with a Accept or Decline option.

If accepted, by default the Quote will be converted into a Reservation.

If you want to change what the {QuoteAcceptanceLink} button displays as text, or if you have multiple custom templates. You can define these settings by going to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates & Settings > Placeholder Settings.

Set Default Payment Settings to Convert Quote to Booking on payment

Optionally, you can go to Setup > Preferences > Default Payment Settings and check the Convert Quote to Booking on Payment option.

If you have Pin-payments, and they pay a deposit, (Or a payment is manually received) this will automatically convert the Quote into a Booking.

If you have Terms & Conditions set up in your system, these will trigger an option for the customer to sign and accept the Quote.

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