Crew Management (Overview)

The Crew Management module is used for scheduling in staff jobs.  These records can be entered against bookings/invoices (jobs), or stand-alone.

 A job can have any number of projected staff hours recorded against it.

For example, setting up a large marquee might require three staff, so each staff member is entered against the job along with their projected hours and a brief job description. 

You can also use crew management to assign multiple staff members to the same Delivery/Pickup job.

Crew Management is intended for scheduling in projected hours for specific jobs, where as Timesheets are recording actual clock on and clock off times which then flow onto the Wagebook (Payroll). 

Timesheets can be linked to a specific job on an entry by entry basis for the purpose of oncharging the work to the customer.

Crew management Docs

Below, we've included links to other segments of the Crew management module.

You can View Scheduled Crew records of any type, via the HR > Calendar screen.

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