Zones can be used to categorise various delivery/pickup areas for the Delivery/Pickup Schedule and to also automate delivery charges based on Zone.

How to set up Zones

  1. From the main menu strip, go to Setup > Delivery/Pickup, then click the Zones option to open the Zones list.
  2. Click the New Zone button.
  3. Enter the Zone name (alphanumeric up to 20 characters max).
  4. Click Save New.

Assigning Cities/Postcodes to Zones

Please see the associated article City/Postcode Zones

Set up Selling Units for your Zone

  1. From the main menu strip, go to Setup > Item Related > Selling Units.
  2. Example: If you had set up a Zone called 'Zone A' for example, you can set up a Selling Unit also called 'Zone A'.
    Click the Other tab in the Selling Units details, and choose the 'Zone A' from the Zone dropdown.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Repeat for each Zone set up in your system that you want to charge delivery fees for.

How to set up a Delivery charge item with Zones

  1. From the main menu strip, go to Setup > Items to open the Items List.
  2. Click New Item to add a new item.
  3. Enter Delivery Fee for example in the Description.
  4. Enter an Item Code, e.g. 'DEL'.
  5. Select an Item Type, normally a Misc or Non-stock item type. 
  6. Click the Rates/Prices tab.
  7. In the Units columns select the various Zones and enter the relevant prices.
  8. Click Save Changes.

Using Zones on Invoices

  1. Click the Delivery/Pickup Details in the Invoice page.
  2. Use the dropdown arrow to the right of the City field to select a pre-set City/Postcode, or select a Zone from the Zone dropdown list.
  3. Click the Done button towards the bottom.
  4. When selecting the Delivery Charge item from the Code column on the Invoice, the Unit/Price will be automatically calculated based on the delivery zone.

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