Recurring Maintenance

Maintenance Records can be set as 'Recurring' services to repeat at regular intervals until the recurrence is discontinued.

How to set a service as recurring

  1. Open any existing Service or create a new Service as normal.
  2. Click the "Options" button towards the top right side of the page.
  3. Click "Set As Recurring".
    You are taken to the Recurring Record page.
  4. The Reference will default to the Item Code and Description.
  5. Change the "Repeat" dropdown to a different interval if required, the default is Monthly.
  6. Click Save New.
    You are taken to the Find Maintenance page.  The recurring service record displays a double arrow icon next to the Status to indicate a recurring record.

How to create recurring services

Recurring services are created at the click of a button (not automatically in the background), which allows a quick review of the services in case any corrections need to be made prior to creating the next set of recurring services.

  1. From the 'Find Maintenance' page, click Recurring Maintenance button towards the top right.
    You are taken to the Recurring Maintenance page.
  2. Review the services to be created.
  3. Click the "Create Service Records" button to create the next services.  The checkboxes will convert to 'tick' icons once completed.

How to Discontinue a recurring service

  1. Edit any recurring Maintenance Record.
  2. Click the Options but at the top right of the Maintenance Record page.
  3. Click Edit Recurring Settings.
    This will open the Recurring Record (Edit) page.
  4. Check the Discontinue checkbox. 
  5. Click Save Changes.

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