The dispatch screen is used when you've got multiple upcoming hire or booking, so that you can action them all at once.

The Best use of the Dispatch screen currently, is for marking jobs Prepped and for completing Customer collections.

Previewing dockets

You can select multiple records at once and click the Preview dockets button to get a preview of all delivery dockets in one printout.

This saves time and clicks if you've got multiple deliveries happening the same day.

Marking as Prepped

As an optional step, you can click the cog icon to the right of the Filters button and enable the Prepped column.

Then, this enables the ability to click the eyeball icon for the record you wish to review, then click the Prepped button at the top of the popup.

This will flag the record as prepped so other staff know it is ready to be collected or Delivered.

Customer collection

For Bookings that are not designated Delivery required, they will be considered a Customer collection.

So, when a customer collects the items, you can simply select the records that have been collected, then click "Dispatch"

If Delivery required

If a record has been set as Delivery required then it will show up in the corresponding tab.

However, after the optional Mark as Prepped process, it is recommended you make use out of the Delivery/pickup schedule if you have any delivery/pickup required records.

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