Reckon Accounts Hosted Export

Activate the Reckon Hosted module

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's.
  2. Click the Accounting Integration menu option.
  3. Change the option to Reckon Hosted.
  4. Enter the Filename of your company file as shown in the Reckon Hosted portal, e.g. Q:\AnyDay Hire Pty Ltd.QBW
    1. If you are using a shared company file, your path may look more like: \\RAH-FSS-04-AP2A\060000-400031-Company$\AnyDay.QBW
  5. Enter a Username and Password for the company file.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Setup Requirements


Company in HirePOS must match the Customer Name in Reckon.

To find the Customer Name in the Reckon app:

  1. Go to Customers > Customer Centre.
  2. Select the Name from the left panel.
  3. Click the Edit Customer button on the top right.
  4. Note the Customer Name field at the top of the edit screen.
  5. This must
    1. match the Company in the HirePOS customer setup, or
    2. for individuals it must match First Name {space} Last Name.


Item Code in HirePOS must match the Item Name/Number in Reckon.

To find the Item Name/Number in the Reckon app:

  1. Go to Lists > Item List.
  2. Double-click an Item to edit.
  3. Note the Item Name/Number field.
  4. This must match the Item Code in the HirePOS Item details.


  • Customer: (Required)
  • Invoice Date: (Required)
  • Invoice Due Date: Calculated in priority order of:
    • 1) Invoice Due Date in Options tab in HirePOS Invoice screen.
    • 2) Days Due (Default) value in Options tab of exporter.
    • 3) Same date as Invoice Date.
  • Customer PO: (Optional)
  • Reference: (Optional)
  • Message: (Optional)

Invoice Line Items

Line items with a line total of $0 are ignored by Reckon, and are not imported. Avoid using invoices lines for 'messages'. Use the invoice message field instead.
  • Item: (Required)
  • Invoice Line Description: (Required) Description is exported from the Invoice Line Description.
  • Quantity: (Required) Exported as Qty/Units X Qty/Items.
  • Sell Inc: (Required)
  • Tax Code: Must match the Tax Code in Reckon.

Tax Codes

The Tax Code(s) in use on your invoice must match the Tax Code in Reckon. (e.g. GST).

To find the Tax Code in the Reckon app:

  1. Go to Lists > Tax Code List.
  2. Double-click a Code to edit. (Note the Tax Code field must match the HirePOS Tax Code.)

Export Invoices

You must be closed out of your company file in the Reckon Hosted website first (which is launched via The Reckon Hosted API does not allow Invoices to be exported while the company file is currently open.
  1. From the main screen in HirePOS, or from the Sales/Hire menu at the top, click the Reckon option.
    The Reckon Export module will open in a new browser.
  2. Select the relevant date range from the top. The date filters are based on Invoice Date.
  3. Check the box in the first row header to select ALL Invoices, OR individually select Invoices as needed.
  4. Click the Reckon Transfer button to export the Invoices to Reckon Hosted.
    On a successful export, the lines will change to a green background, and will show a tick icon in the Exported column.
    If there are any errors, they will be displayed with a red background.
  5. Once you have completed exporting, click the User icon located at the top right in the dark menu strip, and log out the user from the exporter. This will not log you out of the core HirePOS app, it will just log you out of the Reckon exporter.
Reckon Hosted allows the same Invoice number to be exported more than once. When Reckon Hosted returns "Your data was processed successfully" then HirePOS will record that the Invoice was exported and prevents it from being exported again. However, marking as 'Pending' will allow the Invoice to be re-exported. Be careful the invoice does not already exist in Reckon Hosted.

Errors & Troubleshooting

Error Message

What It means

What To Do

Error connecting to Reckon Accounts. Reckon Accounts found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.

There are characters in your invoice that Reckon is not able to process. Pointy Brackets < >, Quotation marks " " and Apostrophes ' ' are likely culprits. These might be in your Item Descriptions, Customer PO, or Invoice Message.

This is a high-priority error which takes precedence over other errors. You will not be able to see the other errors on this list (if applicable) until the cause of this error is addressed)

Look for and remove any such 'special characters' from your invoice and try again. You are looking for:

Brackets <> [] {} ()

Quotation Marks " "

Apostrophes ' '

Ampersands &

Hyphens -

Error: requestID="1" statusCode="3140" statusSeverity="Error" statusMessage="There is an invalid reference to Reckon Accounts Customer "HIREPOS CUSTOMER NAME" in the Invoice. Reckon Accounts error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list." /›

HirePOS is unable to find the customer in Reckon for the invoice you are attempting to export. This may be due to the names not matching in both systems (Company Name or First Name/Last Name), or it may be that the customer exists in HirePOS but not in Reckon.

Check that the customer exists on Reckon, and check that the Company Name (or First Name/Last Name) is identical at both ends.

Check for things like apostrophes in names, or extra spaces at the beginning or end of the name.

Error: requestID="1" statusCode="3180" statusSeverity="Error" statusMessage="There was an error when saving a Invoice. Reckon Accounts error message: The transaction is empty." /›

There are lines on your HirePOS Invoice that do not have an Item Code set (free-typed line)

Ensure that the invoice in question has a Code set on every line of the invoice.

Error: requestID="1" statusCode="3140" statusSeverity="Error" statusMessage="There is an invalid reference to Reckon Accounts Item "" in the Invoice line. " /›

There is an item on your HirePOS invoice that cannot be found in your Reckon Item Setup.

Ensure that your HirePOS Item's Code corresponds with an Item Name/Number in Reckon

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