Test and Tag

How to activate the Test & Tag module

  1. From the main screen, go to Setup > Preferences > Modules.
  2. Tick the Maintenance checkbox.
  3. Click 'Save Changes'.

How to enter Test & Tag results

  1. From the Maintenance menu in the menu strip at the top of the main screen, click Maintenance > Test & Tag.  The Test & Tag List is shown with all hire items listed.  Items can be filtered by the various test intervals.
  2. Click the item to enter test details.
  3. In the Test & Tag popup, click Passed or Failed.
    Note: Additional comments can be entered for failed tests, however you must leave the beginning of the comments as either PASSED or FAILED. 
  4. Enter the new Tag Number, Test Date and select the Test Interval.  These can be quickly entered by using the pre populated buttons to the right of these fields.
  5. For items that testing is not required, you can click the "Not Required" option from the Interval dropdown.
  6. Click Save when completed.

Note: Items can also be set as Test & Tag Not Required via the ‘More Details’ tab in the Item Details screen.  Various reports are available via Reports > Test & Tag, including AS/NZS 3760 compliant records.

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