CRM Records/Notes

CRM Records allow you to record messages and conversations with your leads and customers.  CRM Notes can be added against customers or customer invoices.  CRM Notes appear on the customer or sales record timeline, or in the CRM tab for the customer.  Customers, contacts, leads, and invoices can be linked to a CRM Record.

Add a CRM Note for a customer

  1. Navigate to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview.
  2. Lookup an existing customer.
  3. Click the CRM tab.
  4. Click the Note button.
  5. Enter the new note details.
  6. Click Save to save the note.

Add a CRM Note for a sales record

  1. From a Sales Record (quote/booking/invoice) page, click the Note button towards the bottom.
  2. Enter the new note details.
  3. Click "Save" to save the note.

Finding CRM Records

Find from all records on system

To search through all existing CRM records on the system, navigate to CRM>Find Notes.

You can use the Filters section to help narrow your search, or use the Find Field to type in what you are looking for.

Viewing Customer CRM History

To view all the CRM records relating to a specific customer:

  1. Navigate to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview.
  2. Lookup an existing customer.
  3. Click the CRM tab.

All reminders, notes, alerts, and recorded correspondence related to the customer will be visible here in reverse chronological order.

As discussed in the article Sent Email History & BCCs, the body content of sent emails is not recorded in HirePOS. Only the datestamp and nature of the email are recorded. Be sure you have set up your BCC address to keep a detailed history of email content.

Removing CRM Records

It is is not necessary to remove old records for performance reasons, in fact it is usually unwise to remove historical records full stop. However from time to time a record may be created in error and require removal. To remove a CRM record form the system:

Non Reversible
Please note, the following will result in permanent, non-reversible deletion of the record.
  1. Open the CRM Record using either of the two options in the section above "Finding CRM Records"
  2. Select the Options menu in the top right of the screen
  3. Press Delete CRM Record

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